Favorite Theatre People 15/? - John Gallagher, Jr.

At an early age, I just got obsessive about watching films, and it started with…kids movies and, as I recall, it all started around the time that I saw “Ghostbusters” for the first time, and I thought, “Wow! That looks amazing! I want to be a Ghostbuster, how much fun! Go out with these proton packs and capture these ghosts, and you get to be funny and heroic and sarcastic. It’s action packed. What a job!” Then I found out that, you know, there were people that really work in the paranormal field, but it wasn’t this glorified comic-book version of being a ghost-hunter. Once I realized that, I realized that what I was actually drawn to was what the actors were doing on camera. I thought, “Oh well, yeah, maybe I don’t want to be a ghostbuster, then, I want to be like Bill Murray. I want to be an actor.”